How many calories does Pilates burn? Our Guide to Pilates vs Lagree Fitness

Are you a regular attendee of a Pilates class? Pilates is a popular and low-impact cardio exercise that’s both efficient and very popular. Joseph Pilates, the creator of pilates, combined body coordination with repetitive motions and flexibility to improve body control. This core-focused exercise for weight loss is great for mindfulness and focus.

Lagree fitness elevates Pilates by combining cardio, endurance-building, high-intensity, low-impact exercise, and cardio into one 40-minute class. Before we get into the details of how Lagree Fitness can help you achieve your fitness goals, we’ll go through some frequently asked questions about Pilates vs Lagree.

What is the Average Calories Burned by Pilates in an Hour?

Let’s find out how Pilates can help you get started on your fitness journey. To do this, we must first examine how many calories Pilates burns per hour. If you are taking a beginner-level Pilates course, this may be the average amount of calories that you will burn per hour.

  • For a 120-pound individual, it takes 171 calories an hour
  • For a 150-pound individual, 214 calories an hour
  • For a 180-pound individual, 257 calories an hour
  • 300 calories an hour for a person weighing 210 lbs
  • For a 250-pound individual, 357 calories an hour

What is the Hourly Calories of Pilates on the Reformer?

Joseph Pilates elevated classical Pilates to a new level with the Pilates Reformer. The Reformer is a platform that has a spring-loaded carriage. It maximizes lengthening, strength, and flexibility. The Reformer also increases your body’s intensity and calorie burn by combining your body weight and adjustable tension levels. The following averages can be expected for calories burned per hour by adding resistance to your Pilates classes:

  • For a 120-pound individual, 186 calories an hour
  • For a 150-pound individual, 232 calories an hour
  • For a 180-pound individual, 279 calories an hour
  • For a person weighing 210 lbs, 325 calories an hour
  • For a 250-pound individual, 387 calories an hour

Pilates is a good exercise for weight loss.

Pilates is a low impact exercise that can help you lose weight and improve your flexibility, posture, and core strength. Your heart rate will remain at approximately 50% of its maximum capacity because it is a low-intensity workout. It is slower and more deliberate than other high-intensity exercises like CrossFit or running. Although Pilates may not burn as many calories an hour as other high-intensity exercise, it still works your whole body and can help you lose weight.

When you do Pilates consistently, along with a healthy diet, it can help you lose weight. If you want to lose weight and tone up, consistency is important. It takes 3,500 calories per pound to burn. Pilates can be done regularly and is low-intensity, so it can be used several times per week. Pilates is enjoyed by many people as it is relaxing and enjoyable. It also reduces the risk of injury or overexertion.

How many calories does Lagree Fitness use to burn an hour per Megaformer?

Lagree Fitness is often called “Pilates on steroids.” Lagree combines the best elements of Pilates with cardio-driven moves and strength training. This method is low-impact and high-intensity, which results in muscular strength, endurance, weight loss, and a more effective workout. You’re not only exercising your body but also saving time. Lagree can challenge your body with sweat and engage more than 600 muscles per movement. However, it is open to all fitness levels thanks to its low-impact movements that affect the joints and spine.

According to different sources and success stories of people of all sizes, the average person burns 350-800+ calories per class!

Lagree Fitness will help you lose weight if you are serious about your fitness goals. The Megaformer’s Lagree will increase your calorie burning by providing adjustable tension levels. This will challenge your flexibility and strength.

Our conclusion on Pilates vs. Lagree Fitness

Pilates is an excellent form of exercise that can improve flexibility and strength. However, for weight loss, it is important to eat well and keep fit. In terms of calories burned, Lagree is better than Pilates.

To lose one pound of body fat, you need to burn 3500 calories. It is recommended to include cardio and strength training. Combining a low-calorie diet with a Lagree program that maximizes calorie burn can help you shed weight. If you have any health concerns or are pregnant, consult your doctor before enrolling in a Lagree class.

If you are serious about losing weight, it is worth incorporating more challenging variations of Pilates like Lagree Fitness. You can increase your calorie burning by using the adjustable tension levels of Lagree’s Megaformer. It will also test your strength and flexibility.

In just 40 minutes, Lagree can help you burn calories, improve flexibility, tone your body and increase endurance. You will learn how to balance your body and reduce stress. Register for your first Lagree Fit415 class today!