Three Reasons Great Athletes Choose Pilates

Many professional athletes are turning to Pilates to help them beat their competition. This includes athletes in soccer, baseball, basketball and football as well as Olympic athletes.

Tom Brady is one of these athletes. He is known for his disciplined lifestyle and healthy eating habits, as well as investing in preventive measures that will keep him fit and healthy for the long-term. Many other athletes have included Pilates training in their training routines, either as an off-season exercise, as a supplement to weight training or as a primary training method. These are just a handful:

  • Peyton Manning
  • Lebron James
  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Kobe Bryant
  • Jake Arietta
  • Calvin Johnson
  • Antonio Brown
  • Jason Kelce
  • Recent Olympic Athletes (2016)
    • Andy Murray (Tennis).
    • Dana Vollmer (Swimming).
    • Missy Franklin (Swimming).
    • David Boudea (Diving).
    • Kerry Walsh-Jennings (Beach Volleyball).
    • Haley Anderson (Open water swimming)
    • There are many more

What is it that professional athletes find so valuable about Pilates? This blog post is from Metrowest Pilates Studio. It will discuss why these professional athletes choose to do Pilates workouts. You can reap the benefits of doing the same.

1. Pilates is an all-body exercise that can be challenging but also great for your body.

Joseph Pilates, a man who invented Pilates in 1920s, originally called the method Controlology. It is a total-body workout that does more than just strengthen the large muscles. Pilates will strengthen your brain’s connection to all the micro muscles you might overlook in a regular workout. You will be more challenged than you think!

You can expect to do Pilates-inspired workouts

  • Footwork
  • Lower body work
  • Abdominals
  • Obliques
  • Upper body work
  • Core muscles (pelvic floor, etc)
  • Coordination of all parts

Even though Pilates is challenging for those who are physically fit, you will still benefit from the exercises. Pilates is also accessible to beginners. You should give Pilates an opportunity, regardless of your fitness level.

2. Pilates improves flexibility and strength

Although weight training can help you build strength, it can also leave you with stiff, tight muscles that aren’t as flexible. Pilates can help you build strength and flexibility while also maintaining flexible ligaments, muscles, and tendons. You’ll feel calm, relaxed, and free after the workout.

Pilates is a great choice for athletes because it combines strength and flexibility, which helps them perform better on the fields.

  • Take better control over your body
  • You can move more easily and more efficiently
  • Reduce muscle tension and tightness
  • To be able to accelerate, decelerate or kick a ball, you must develop hip mobility and control.
  • Get explosive power from your glutes
  • Your range of motion can be increased
  • Achieve a higher level overall athletic performance

3. Pilates can help you avoid injury

Flexibility can help you to be more flexible, which means that you are less likely to get injured. Low-impact Pilates movements can also help to reduce pain and aggrave an existing injury. Pilates also teaches you how to align your spine correctly, which will help reduce back pain and prevent injury. Although you may feel sore after a Pilates class, it is normal to not be in pain. Pilates is a preventive exercise that helps athletes bounce back faster after minor injuries and promotes longevity in their careers.

Take a Pilates class at Everybody Balance today

Don’t believe the myth that Pilates is only for women. Because it works, these athletes have been using Pilates. It will work for you too, so give it a try! Take a Pilates class with Every Body Balance today.